Outlaw Dogs Rescue

Outlaw Dogs Rescue is a 501(c)3 non profit organization to help dogs in need! We are run by dedicated volunteers and rely on the public for support


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Our Mission Statement:
“To stop euthanasia of adoptable dogs from animal shelters by rescuing dogs from high kill shelters, owner surrenders, and have been found as strays off the street. We want to educate as many people about adoption, fostering, and how important to spay/neuter your pets. We continue to fight for animals who cannot defend themselves!”  
Outlaw Dogs Rescue is a not for profit dog rescue located in Orange County, CA run by dedicated volunteers. All of our dogs are at a foster home where they get proper care and socialization by one of our wonderful fosters. We rescue all our dogs from shelters, owner surrenders, or strays from the streets. We rescue animals from situations that is abusive, endangering, or neglectful. We also try to help minimize euthanasia rate of healthy, adoptable dogs by rescuing them from high kill facilities. 

Outlaw Dogs Rescue also assist owners willing to keep their dogs, by finding new homes for their dogs through our special owner surrender program. WE try to help the public as much as we can with our owner surrender program. We have helped many of the dogs that were in this program to find their forever home. 

Outlaw Dogs Rescue provide all necessary care such as; veterinary care, foster homes, find permanent adoptive homes to our dogs. We make sure our dogs goes to good homes and good people. All applicants would be subjected to an application process and home visits to make sure our dogs are in a good place. 

Outlaw dogs help educated the public the importance of spaying/neutering companion animals as well as how to prevent animal cruelty. We always welcome volunteers, any help, any time! We like to campaign that fostering saves shelter dogs lives, they not only save one dog but two dogs by making space to a dog that just came in at the shelter.