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Our Mission Statement: 
“To stop euthanasia of adoptable dogs from animal shelters by rescuing dogs from high kill shelters, owner surrenders, and have been found as strays off the street. We want to educate as many people about adoption, fostering, and how important to spay/neuter your pets. We continue to fight for animals who cannot defend themselves!”

We are always looking for volunteers to help with our organization: Here are simple ways you can volunteer for Outlaw Dogs:

  • Donation of items to our rescue such as blankets, towels, dog toys, fundraiser items, etc. 
  • Donate money or better yet sponsor an Outlaw Dog
  • Fundrasing for our rescue
  • Volunteer at our weekly adoption event
  • Post flyers of our dogs to local stores 
  • SKY IS THE LIMIT on how you can help a dog in need!

THERE'S SIMPLE WAYS TO HELP! Even if you're not in a position to adopt a dog, there are many different ways you can help a dog in need! Every help counts!

Our Volunteer Program

Our Foster Program

Outlaw Dogs

Our foster program is the "bread and butter" of our rescue. We need foster homes to save dogs from unfortunate situations. Fostering a dog is a rewarding way of owning a dog as well as rescuing a pooch in need, you can simply foster for as long as you can (of course we don't want to move our dogs constantly) and reap the rewards of seeing your foster dogs go to good homes. 

Many people say to our volunteers "how can you foster, won't you get attached to the dog." We simply put it this way, if we keep every foster dog we foster then that means that we won't be able to help anymore dogs because we wouldn't have the space. Fostering help save lives!

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